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The Butte Rescue Mission provides individuals in need with winter necessities



Butte, Montana – The Butte Rescue Mission’s team is putting out extra coats and blankets in response to the recent cold spell because keeping people warm is their first priority.

“We’re just keeping people safe, keeping people warm, that’s kind of the name of the game. Of course, with the cold weather it’s caught a lot of people off guard,” says Butte Rescue Mission executive director Brayton Erickson.

Erickson says the mission has given away almost 100 jackets since the winter snowstorm blew into town on Wednesday, “We’re giving away some warm coats and hats and gloves and making sure people are staying safe.”

Staff members report that things in the pop-up shop, which is situated on the front porch in front of the emergency shelter, run out quickly after they are restocked three times a day.

“We’re trying to get them all bundled up and safe and warm by Friday because that’s when it’s really going to drop and we’ve switched our menu over to like, really hearty soups and stews to try to make sure that we keep them full and it’s warm so they can warm up when they come in for their meals,” says Misty Johnston with the Rescue Mission.

According to Johnston, the Rescue Mission is in need of sleeping bags as well as warm hats, coats, gloves, socks, and new or lightly used boots.

“Anything that you might be able to contribute to make sure that somebody stays safe in this cold weather,” says Johnston.

Winter supplies can be donated to the Rescue Mission’s main office, located in Butte at 610 East Platinum.

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