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The Montana Chamber of Commerce honors National Travel and Tourism Week



Gardiner, Montana – In honor of National Travel and Tourism Week, the Montana Chamber of Commerce is holding their first-ever convergence event series from Wednesday through Friday.

At locations like Yellowstone Valley Lodge, Mammoth Hotsprings Hotel, and Sage Lodge, festivities are being held to mark the beginning of the summer 2023 travel season in the Paradise Valley and Yellowstone regions.

According to Candace Strauss, vice president of marketing and communications for the Montana Chamber of Commerce, representatives from the tourism, outdoor recreation, and film industries are all organizing luncheons and talks, with flood recovery being a major topic of discussion.

“I think that last year’s flooding event demonstrated that how when we collaborate together as the greater ecosystem that is our public land managers, our government officials, private industry, residents, and philanthropy… that we can really achieve anything,” she said.

According to Strauss, the Chamber is making a concerted effort to highlight and acknowledge the crucial role that travels and tourism play in Montana’s economy by fostering economic growth, generating job opportunities, expanding diverse communities, and luring in new companies.

12.5 million non-resident tourists visited the state of Montana in 2022. Nearly 45,000 employment were supported by the tourism sector. She claimed that just the bed tax revenue contributed $43 million to the state’s general treasury.

“So I think that’s the big takeaway – is that you may not be aware of tourism and all that involves, however, it does impact you in helping provide your services from your state government.”

The majority of the event tickets are sold out. For the Friday event, which begins at the Gardiner Chamber of Commerce, there are just a few available. People will be transported to Yellowstone for lunch and a question-and-answer session with Yellowstone Park supervisors. On the website of the Montana Chamber of Commerce, you may find more details about the activities and the state of the economy in Montana.

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