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The number of people at homeless shelters in Missoula increased due to the frigid conditions



Missoula, Montana – Due to the extremely low temperatures this past weekend, more people were using Missoula’s homeless shelters. Both the Johnson Street Shelter and The Poverello Center are seeing an increase in population. Over 150 people checked in at the Johnson Street Shelter, the most for the season. Both shelters hope that individuals would want to come in and find warm refuge despite the cold. They therefore wish to remain open as their clientele grows.

The weather has rapidly turned much colder, therefore in the last few days, there has been a lot of communication between the two shelters. Employees have been exceptionally productive, working longer hours and exerting more effort throughout the severe weather.

Both facilities prioritize sending the Homeless Outreach Team out into the neighborhood so that they may show those in need of shelter what resources are available to them. The outreach team will be impacted if they are unable to pick up everyone in town, according to Beckett Redinger of the Poverello Center, as that is significant to them. Redinger briefly discussed the numbers in the shelters.

“We’re probably already at 200 between Johnson Street and The Poverello Center. At The Pov, we can accommodate roughly 135 people sleeping as well as a large number of people standing and sitting. Johnson Street is the same. About 185 people can fit in when they’re not all asleep, according to Redinger.

Married couples are allowed to sleep beside each other at the Johnson Street Shelter since everything is housed under one roof. Gender-specific resources are available at The Poverello Center, including two hot dinners.

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