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The schedule for the Montana Folk Festival is set



Butte, Montana – The final roster for the Montana Folk Festival has been determined in Butte, and more crucially, a significant financial objective has been reached, allowing for the payment of the performers for the summer festival, which has grown to be crucial to the local economy.

“It’s important not just for businesses, but I think for Butte in general, the morale in Butte, the camaraderie that Butte has for all of these events and how proud we are of our city. I think the folk festival is a really great way to show that,” said M&M Bar and Grill Selina Pankovich.

Local companies contribute to a $200,000 grant from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, which will assist in defraying some of the costs associated with organizing the free three-day music festival in Uptown Butte.

“It’s really a help and comfort and I get to sleep a little better, because I know, hopefully, we’ll be at a point when it’s all over with we’ll be able to pay the bills,” said Folk Festival organizer George Everett.

There are 21 performers from different musical genres scheduled for the festival.

“A female blues guitarist, Melody Angel from Chicago, Korean performances is coming to bring some drumming and interesting dance,” said Everett.

After being postponed owing to the epidemic for two years, the folk festival was held again last summer. The event this summer, according to the organizers, is re-establishing the city’s tourism season rhythm.

“It’s back to the summer where everyone is competing for attention in the summer season, there’s so much going one and we’re just hoping people will look at Butte and say, ‘let’s go there,’” said Everett.

The event spans from July 14 to July 16.

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