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This holiday season, 406 Recycling is urging people to recycle more



Helena, Montana – Before the holidays, 406 Recycling is asking people to discard old or broken electronics at Good Samaritan Ministries where it conducts its monthly e-waste collection.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the monthly event is being held one week sooner than usual.

“So what we’re collecting today’s most computer or in entertainment related electronics, from stereos to televisions to computers and personal items like laptops and cell phones and collecting that for security, responsible recycling,” said 406 Recycling and Compost owner Matt Elsaesser.

Prior to the holidays, they reasoned that it would be a fantastic time to properly dispose of any broken, unneeded, or out-of-date devices.

“Yeah, well, we get a pretty good response. Weather always seems to be a big factor too. But really we do because we know people are getting new electronics and they don’t know what to do with that outdated or unwanted item,” said Elsaesser.

When dropping off recyclable electronics, 406 Recycling advises customers to keep the products as a whole as possible so that Good Samaritan Ministries can also accept them as donations.

According to Elsaesser, you can clean outdated computers to ensure that they are disposed of properly, safely, and with care for both data security and the environment.

“If you have something you can reuse and someone wants it, that’s great. But if there’s not that option and of course, places like Good Samaritan are a great option for functioning items,” said Elsaesser.

Additionally on-site, 406 Compost, 406 Recycling’s food waste, and compostable collection program, was handing out collecting buckets to new clients.

In order to spend the holidays in a sustainable manner, 406 Compost gathers culinary trash, including leftover meat and grease, as well as compostable tableware.

This year, the organization aims to recycle 500,000 pounds.