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This Thursday, the Montana Rescue Mission will host a community Thanksgiving dinner



Billings, Montana – The Montana Rescue Mission (MRM) offers a community meal each year to give the less fortunate a chance to take part in the true spirit of the holiday.

MRM has attracted a sizable number of volunteers this year.

“We have over hundred and fifty volunteers who are going to come to Montana rescue mission to help,” said Matt Lundgren, the Director of Montana Rescue Mission.

One of the volunteers, Kellie Sironi, claimed that she has been volunteering ever since she was a young child.

“When I was a little girl, my parents took me down here to help serve. We want to make sure that every person out there has an opportunity to have a warm, traditional meal that says you are a part of our community,” explained Kellie.

Even though the volunteers put in a lot of effort to make the community supper, MRM still requires some basic food supplies.

“We are out of coffee. So, if anyone can bring a one pound, a three pound can, that would be great. Also, we could use some of those french-fried onions that you can put on top of the green beans casserole. As always, just those staples—hams and turkeys are great,” emphasized Lundgren.

All community members are welcome to attend the community dinner, which will be held on Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m.

MRM is taking donations for their forthcoming community meal from everyone who is interested, both in person and online.