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Tranel gives concession speech in US House District 1 race



Missoula, Montana – Democratic candidate Monica Tranel for the newly created 1st Congressional District of the United States conceded the election to Ryan Zinke in a sad address delivered on the University of Montana campus on Thursday morning.

She urged Montanans to keep Zinke responsible for his campaign pledges while standing by her family and issued a warning about his corporate backers.

She also thanked the supporters who helped her campaign and promised that the Democratic Party in the

“Thank you for joining me in this journey. We will continue to walk together. We will continue to build this movement of the people, a movement that includes everyone, regardless of our differences – of our color, of our faith, who we love, and how we live in this world,” Tranel said. “You represent the Montana I know. The Montana that is big enough, and big-hearted enough to share.”