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Two young people from Laurel open a gym in their community



Laurel, Montana — One of the best things you can do for your health is exercise, and in Laurel, two young guys are changing lives in their community one workout at a time.

They are the happy new owners of SmoothGainz, the newest gym in Laurel, and what distinguishes them from other fitness centers is their passion for assisting people.

At a basketball camp, while they were in middle school, 22-year-old Camden Hill and 23-year-old Colt Spencer got to know one another.

“I’d drain some threes in his face. He’d swat the hell out of me a couple of times going into the paint,” said Spencer on Wednesday.

Ten years later, the two Laurel residents’ obsessions have shifted from basketball to weightlifting, a pastime that has improved their lives.

“I used the gym as kind of a coping mechanism, it was kind of a way to get all the aggression out, and it also helped my health and improved the way I looked,” Hill said.

The two first became close friends and business partners when Spencer came home for a visit from college a few summers ago.

“I was like, dude, what if we helped people? Look at like how far we’ve come ourselves, what if we did this for other people,” said Spencer.

After obtaining their credentials, they launched SmoothGainz in January 2021 using Spencer’s credit card.

“Before we were doing our online training just through Google Talks and it wasn’t the best. I mean it worked, we got people results,” Spencer said.

Yet since they first began their firm, they have gone a long way. They are now assisting people across the nation by providing online instruction through their very own app.

They can now personally coach other people as well. They recently accomplished what they had imagined would take years: they opened their very own gym in Laurel. They finished in under 10 months.

“Opening a gym was more just to help people. I received a ton of help from going to the gym, I don’t know where I’d be without the weight training. I want to give that opportunity to other people,” said Hill.

They also provide a secure gym with no contracts or extra costs—just gains.

“We want to create a welcoming place here; we want everyone to feel like their welcome to come in here and get a lift in. And get help if they need it,” Spencer said.