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Young bull moose in midtown area of Billings euthanized



Billings, Montana – On Thursday, a young male moose with poor health was put to death.

The moose had been stumbling around Billings’ downtown area since early October.

The animal had garnered a reputation and was being constantly watched by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP), giving it time to leave the city and find a more suited environment.

Wildlife health specialists ultimately came to the conclusion that the moose was too sick to be successfully released back into the wild. Another consideration was the possibility of the disease spreading.

The moose had reportedly been fed, which could have contributed to his deteriorating condition because it can induce stomach problems and inflammation in wild animals.

“Feeding many wildlife species, including moose, is illegal and often causes more harm than good for the animal,” FWP said.

The meat is not fit for human consumption and cannot be donated because of the medicine used to sedate the animal, the possibility of sickness or infection, and the need for a necropsy.