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Billings-based course teaches how to improve the quality of beef



Billings, Montana – A lesson on artificial insemination is being held at the Billings Livestock Commission.

“It’s the difference between the tenderness and size of the steak you see on your plate,” said Travis Cline, an Instructor for ABS Global.

According to Cline, the procedure entails injecting cows with cattle semen using a device generally referred to as a gun.

The semen is deposited by inserting the rifle into the cow at a 45-degree angle. A fresh calf is born nine months later.

Farmers are able to keep choosing and breeding particular genes as the calves develop into cows, building a more robust and powerful herd.

The goal is to produce meat of a higher caliber for the market when the beef cows are slaughtered.

The meat can vary in terms of size and texture, becoming more soft and juicy.

“It’s important info for people to know. Knowing how that steak makes it to the grocery store or your plate is interesting,” said Cline.

The procedure is taught to students, some of whom use it for purposes other than cattle breeding.

” I really want to start learning how to do it for my families ranch, but also at the vet clinic where I work,” said Loni Waid, a student in the course.

“I grew up around cattle and horses so it just really intrigued me to learn more about what I’m actually doing.”


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