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Grandmas exercise in the Billings gym



Billings, Montana – A group of powerlifting grandmas are spending their golden years becoming strong at Granite Health and Fitness in Billings, so if you’re searching for some motivation, you might find it there.

Pat Difronzo, 68, Sue Milch, 67, Cindy Newmiller, 64, and Valerie Maier, 64, may be seen lifting weights within the gym’s vault. Despite being close to 70 years old, these grandmothers can all deadlift 200 pounds.

Maier has seven grandkids, ranging in age from six to fifteen; Difronzo has three; and Milch has four (including one set of twins).

While some of these women exercise to keep up with their grandchildren, they claim that there are many additional advantages, like improved confidence and bigger booties.

“We do deadlifts. We do hip thrusts. That just came with it, said Ryan Jore, the grannies’ trainer.

The number of ladies of any age who can power lift more than 200 pounds has increased from three to thirty over his eight years of training at the club.

“It’s cool to see barriers being broken down and realize that’s achievable for people of any age,” he said.

Jore observed that roughly three years ago, Difronzo and Milch approached him.

“With both of them, when we started, we were deadlifting 40 pounds. Now both of them deadlift 220 pounds,” he said.

That implies fewer back, knee, and shoulder issues for the pair.

“The stronger we are we just tend to age better, move better, feel better, look better of course as well. My favorite part is still seeing someone getting their first chinup. I think a lot of women think a chinup is something they can’t do, so whether it takes six weeks or six months, it’s really cool seeing someone hit that milestone,” Jore said.


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