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Billings old warehouse to be renovated into community gathering area



Billings, Montana – Thanks to a $500,000 federal grant, the Billings Food Bank is pushing forward with plans to renovate an old warehouse into a new community gathering area named the 16th Street Project.

On the corner of 16th Street North and Third Avenue North, the ruins of an old mechanic shop may be seen. This structure has seen better times. It has been the target of vandalism, graffiti, and even theft.

Plans are ongoing to turn the old facility into a new community gathering area thanks to a $500,000 grant from the government coronavirus relief fund.

Demolition of the adjacent building, roof repair and insulation, and cleaning were all part of phase one of the project.

Money well spent, allowing the project to go to phase two. Contractors will operate on major interior renovations throughout the winter.

The former mechanic shop will be transformed into an event center with seating for over 1,000 people. There will be a café, conference room, outdoor deck, 12 new bathrooms, and even dressing rooms for special occasions such as weddings.