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Billings Public Schools finalizing reopening plan



BILLINGS, Mont. – Billings School District 2 is finalizing its plan to reopen schools this fall.

Parents have until this Sunday to submit their preference of remote or in-person learning for their child enrolled in SD2. Parents can fill out the survey on the Billings Public Schools website:

SD2 Superintendent Greg Upham is asking parents to commit to either learning style for one year for planning purposes.

Right now, Upham says administrators have not finalized what a day of in-person or remote instruction will look like, but he says they have been in conversations daily to work out those details. Upham also addressed what will happen if a student tests positive for COVID-19 during the school year.

“That all becomes confidential information, and then RiverStone Health will take lead and inform the individuals that they need to inform through their contact tracing,” Upham says.

Another issue being discussed is transportation to and from school. He says for elementary and high schools, limiting one student per seat is the goal, but he says that will be impossible for middle schools, as the district is around 10 buses short. For that reason, he encourages middle school parents to consider driving their children to school if they are able to.

Upham says the district’s highest concern is everyone’s safety.

“Let’s get all the information so parents can make a very good decision, very good judgement, and move forward.”

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