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Bozeman seniors can get food and social interaction through the Meals on Wheels program



Bozeman, Montana – Through its Meals on Wheels program, the Bozeman Senior Center offers local seniors connections and meals.

“Right now, we’re serving about 85 to 100 a day. Sixty-five percent of them cannot afford even one dollar for their meal,” says nutrition coordinator Michele Letendre.

She explained how, in addition to serving meals since 1970, the organization raises money annually to give gifts and holiday cheer.

“Three people were chosen by a neighborhood, and $600 of their energy bills were paid because they couldn’t afford their energy,” Letendre says.

Susan Handy, a program volunteer, has been giving Meals on Wheels her time for the past two years after persuading her daughter to participate as well.

“I said, ‘Marcy, let’s do it together, it’ll be fun. A mother-daughter thing.’ And if she’s gone, I’m here and vice versa. So, we’ll always take care of our people. That was always important to us, for one of us to always be there,” Handy explains.

In addition, Susan is a part of the Gallatin Valley Newcomers Club, which organizes fundraisers for nearby NGOs. They also assisted in raising more than $30,000 for Meals on Wheels this year.

However, the initiative offers more than just food delivery.

“So, it’s not only the knock on the door saying ‘Meals on Wheels’, but it’s also that connection — ‘how are you doing, do you need anything, have a merry Christmas,'” says Handy.


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