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Desmond’s Store for Men closes its doors after thirty-three years of operation



Billings, Montana – After more than 33 years of service to the Billings community, Desmond’ Store for Men is about to close.

The clothing store, Desmond’s, has a lengthy history. It began in Los Angeles in 1863, and a guy by the name of Harold Cappelavets brought the name to Billings.

Desmond’s Store for Men owner Nick Blake expressed his gratitude to the people of Billings for their wonderful support over the years.

“The community of Billings from day one when we opened has embraced us and has treated us very well. I have mixed feelings because I have customers that aren’t happy with me that I am closing. I have done this for 40 years and it’s just time to step forward and pursue a new adventure and I am going to miss the relationships. I will miss that more than any other aspect of my business,” shared Blake.

Additionally, according to Blake, the store won’t close until its inventory is all gone.

The business will continue to operate its regular hours and, beginning with the holiday season, on Sundays as well.




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