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Millions of Americans face evictions, state and local governments urged to find solution



Millions of Americans could be left without their homes after the eviction moratorium expired couple of days ago. State and local governments are urged by the White House to adopt policies to protect renters.

Cities and states are accused of preventing the aid of $46.5 billion to make its way to tenants by being too slow to act. The aid has been provided by the federal government, according to a statement released by the White house on Monday.

Additional pressure was put on the White House to extend the eviction moratorium by the Congressional Black Caucus. Yet, the White House does not take responsibility saying state and local leaders need to resolve this issue.

“The president is clear: If some states and localities can get this out efficiently and effectively there’s no reason every state and locality can’t. There is simply no excuse, no place to hide for any state or locality that is failing to accelerate their emergency” rental assistance,” Gene Sperling, who oversees the administration’s coronavirus relief plans said.

The Supreme Court in June voted 5-4 against extension of eviction moratorium, therefore President Joe Biden allowed the ban to expire last week.

The administration say they will try to find a legal way for a new eviction moratorium, since they’re aware off the eviction could worsen the spread of Covid-19 delta variant.

CDC issued the eviction ban as part of the Covid-19 response in order to hold back the spread of coronavirus among people. Tenants are hoping that officials will find a solution.

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