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Significant enrollment reported in University of Montana



Missoula, Montana – For the first time in a decade, more students are attending classes at the University of Montana.

The increase in enrollment is due to a 30 percent increase in the incoming class, as well as ongoing improvement in the retention rate, according to UM officials.

According to a news release, the first-year class, total student body, graduate school, and Missoula College enrollment all increased in the fall 2021 census.

This fall, UM welcomed 10,106 new students to campus, representing a 3% increase in enrollment. The official number of first-year students at the university was 1,276, up 30% from the prior year.

Missoula College’s enrollment increased by 7.4% to 1,243 students this year.

The positive enrollment trend, according to University of Montana President Seth Bodnar, reflects the university’s redesigned recruitment approach and focus.

“This year marks UM’s return to growth. We have rebuilt the way we recruit, retain and market our flagship university to prospective students. This first-year class is the result of that important work, and the entire UM family is eager for sustained enrollment growth in the years ahead.” said UM President Seth Bodnar.

For the third year in a row, the University of Montana’s student retention rate has improved.

The fall semester of 2021 will also set a new record for graduate student enrollment at UM. The 2,637 graduate students enrolled at UM this semester reflect a 2% rise above last fall’s previous high.

UM accomplished significant enrollment progress in the following categories, in addition to total student growth:

  • This fall, UM received 649 transfer students, up 13% from the previous year.
  • This semester, 3,788 students from outside Montana are enrolled at UM, up 10% from last year.
  • The number of full-time equivalent students at UM is 8,008, up 2.5 percent from previous year.

The University of Montana’s complete student enrollment census data is available online.