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The finance for a canal discussed by the Billings Bench Water Association



Billings, Montana – On Wednesday, Governor Greg Gianforte traveled to Billings to talk about House Bill 269, also known as the Local Disaster Resiliency Fund, and the Billings Bench Water Association Canal.

“We’re hoping if we get funding, we can help the landslide area,” said Jim Stott, the Billings Bench Water Association Board President.

The canal travels from Laurel to the Shepherd region. Residents in the vicinity of the Rimrock Apartments in Billings are concerned that a slope could result in rocks and other debris falling.

“It’s something we’ve been looking at for a while, and we hope to see some more resources to help deal with it,” said Stott.

According to Stott’s estimation, the project would be finished in about seven or eight years with finance.

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