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The Rosebud County Sheriff’s Office is asking for assistance from the public in locating a person who escaped an officer



Rosebud County, Montana – The public’s help is needed while the sheriff’s office conducts an investigation into an event.

An unidentified male who fled from a police officer tonight at the Watering Hole in Forsyth is the subject the Sheriff’s Office is wanting to talk with.

He is described as being around 6 feet tall, with curly hair, wearing a necklace, earrings, and a blue shirt and pair of slacks.

The Sheriff’s Office currently has no cause to believe that this person poses a threat to the general public.

We do need to talk to the person, though.

Call (406) 346-2715 if you happen to see anyone who fits this description.

Keep your distance and allow police officers make contact with the suspect.

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