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Local life savers trained by America First Response



Billings, Montana – As Billings expands, so the possibilities of an accident increase. In an emergency, though, you or a loved one may count on a number of first responders to come to your rescue.

To become a first responder and save lives, you must first complete the necessary training. That’s where America First Response’s John Briggs and Heidi Gergen come in.

The two are head instructors for an emergency training company that specializes in CPR, first aid, and EMR certification for nurses, firemen, and EMTs.

These life-saving methods are critical in keeping our communities safe, but according to the two instructors, the state is lacking on volunteer EMTs.

“I’ve always looked at it as if it’s my mother calling for an ambulance I want someone there to show up for her. That’s the way I’ve always viewed it, it’s why I enjoy volunteering with agencies trying to increase the number of EMTs we have in state to be able to meet the demands that the state has,” Briggs said.

Briggs and Gergen say there are plenty of reasons to volunteer.

“You can go on to become a paramedic, you can go on to become a flight medic, you can work on the helicopters for life flight, you can work on the planes that travel people back and forth across the country and you can make a good living taking care of people and being compassionate about people,” Briggs said.

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